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If you missed Tosh.0 yesterday, here’s the video they featured by StarCast customer service rep Joey Clift: 



Audition Tips from Our Followers

We asked our followers on Twitter to tell us their best audition tips. The consensus? Be prepared, be courteous…and don’t forget to breathe. Many great pointers below:


@StarCast I think about my characters silent thoughts and find one thing in common with them.


@StarCast For voice-over, work with the material, leave your comfort zone, use your “real” voice, & DO your warm-ups! Even if you look silly


@StarCast take a deep breath, do the best you can do and once you leave the room don’t think back on what you should’ve done. Have fun!


@StarCast Be kind (say “hi” before & “thank you” after), prepare (do research & make sure lines are memorized), don’t be late, & BREATHE!


@StarCast Keep in mind that casting directors WANT you to succeed. You succeed, they succeed, and everyone is happy. No pressure!


@StarCast Be confident.


@StarCast never do a piece that is from what you are auditioning for


Reply to @StarCast audition tip-I just have fun! I go in and do my best..that’s all I can do. The rest is out of my control. #iloveacting


@StarCast tell the story and don’t try to be cool. If you need to panic, do it b4 you leave home and get it out of your system


@StarCast for audition nerves —-20 breaths. Breathing correctly: one of best things you can do to help your brain according to science.


@StarCast Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail, smile and enjoy it, and remember worse comes to worse at least you got an audience for a while!!


@StarCast it’s best to go into an audition thinking that you won’t make it, that you’re just there for kicks.


@StarCast Be courteous, professional yet personable. Also, be off book and prepared. Dress appropriately.


@StarCast This old saying is important for a few reasons, which is why you should remember it. “You’re not the only one..”


@StarCast You’re an asset & have something to offer. Don’t beg for a part or apologize for your work. Prepare & share with confidence & love


@StarCast Be true to you…and remember, the auditors are just people, just like you, no more no less.


@StarCast First Impression count! Don’t over act keep it real and live in the moment using past experiences as a lesson learnt believe!


@StarCast Be Positive! If everyone in your career said “Yes” there would be no fun in making it to the top! Worst thing they can say is no(:


@StarCast familiarize yourself with the character/part you’re auditioning for, learn your lines, be confident, but don’t overdo-it. Breathe!


@StarCast remember your goal to help you focus


@StarCast Be prepared and ready! If you are auditioning as a certain character, put yourself in their shoes! and SMILE! :)




@StarCast Start it with a refreshing “Hi! How are you?”


@StarCast Be yourself, don’t matter what happen always believe you can do all that you want. Believe in yourself.



@StarCast being prepared = being relaxed = better audition. Be off book, be confident, and have a great audition.



@StarCast Relax, be yourself, be confident but humble!


@StarCast Draw a line in the sand and leave all your negative voices behind it when your name is called… then show them why you rock.


@StarCast "don’t forget to breathe"


Before You Move to LA: A Checklist

A check list of need-to-knows before you make your move to LA: http://www.backstage.com/advice-for-actors/secret-agent-man/need-know-actors-moving-l/

From Backstage, by Secret Agent Man

A recent geological study conducted by Stanford reveals this entire country has a curved foundation that leans slightly toward the southwest corner, right in the direction of Southern California. Now here’s the real shocker: This phenomenon started about a hundred years ago. Under normal conditions, extreme changes like this take place over millions of years. So what gives? How could this happen in such a short period of time?  

If you ask me, the answer’s simple. It’s all about cause and effect. Just look back at the early days of the 20th century. The United States was going through a lot of changes, but there’s one in particular that I think was the catalyst for the earth shifting right under our feet. I’m talking about the birth of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. That’s when actors starting moving west, and I believe the weight of all those dreams warped the very foundation of our country.  

Now here we are in 2013, and nothing has changed. Every year, thousands of actors still move to Hollywood seeking fame and glory and an agent. I would estimate 90 percent of them arrive unprepared or at the wrong point in their careers.

Moving here is a huge decision that will change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine. That’s why you have to be completely ready. So here are three things to consider before you start packing your bags:

Emotional Impact
Relocating is something adults do on a regular basis, but trust me—nothing can prepare you for the emptiness of a new city. I’ve never been more alone in my life than during my first year in L.A.  

Leaving your friends and family behind isn’t easy. They’re your support system. Without them, life is going to be much harder. So prepare yourself for some lonely days because everything you know and love is about to go bye-bye. 

Money, Money, Money
Unless you want your first few months here to be a living nightmare, you should move out with at least $5,000 in your pocket. That should be enough to cover you during those early days of unemployment and down payments. 

Naturally, that dollar amount goes up if you need to buy a car. And that’s one area you don’t want to skimp on. Actors live in their cars here, sometimes literally, and a reliable set of wheels is a must.

Your Résumé
L.A. is a mistress who demands a great deal from actors before she’ll spread her legs. That means you can’t move out here with an empty résumé.

This is an easy fix if you live in New York. There are plenty of teachers there who are known to the industry, so make sure you study with at least one of them. The name will look good on your résumé. The same is true for stage work. I wouldn’t know what to think if a New York actor came here without some decent theater credits. 

Naturally, the smartest thing a New Yorker can do is book some work on a local TV show like “Person of Interest” or “Elementary.” I know that’s not easy, but hey, nothing is easy about an acting career.

All this advice can also be applied to secondary markets like Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and several others. Of course, if you’re stuck in a one-cow town that doesn’t have much of an entertainment industry, your choices are going to be limited. But who knows? Maybe you can get some material for your reel by working on student films, local commercials, or industrials. You just need to be creative. There are opportunities everywhere. 

Next week, we’ll talk about what you should and shouldn’t do when you finally land on our shores.


Shorts…Those Are A Thing…..

One of the most overlooked categories come Oscar time is best short film. I admit that most years, I’ve never seen any of the shorts nominated for an Academy Award. “Shorts” are an art craft all their own, and often display some of the most innovative filmmaking. This year, Disney is nominated for a short film called “Paperman.” Some of you may have seen it play in the theaters before a film. If you haven’t, it’s an absolute MUST-see. Sweet, romantic, and full of nostalgia for an old Manhattan. Lucky for us, Disney has released the short on YouTube. Link provided:



Most Common Misconceptions About Actors

SAG Awards nominees reveal the most common misconceptions about actors. Our favorite? The misconception that all actors are outgoing, when many actors are shy. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sag-awards-nominees-reveal-common-416395


9 Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along

While more glamorous to be the hero, sometimes it’s more fun to be the villain. 9 famous movie villains who perhaps weren’t so villainous all along: http://www.cracked.com/article_18417_9-famous-movie-villains-who-were-right-all-along.html


Winding Down from the Globes…

 Congrats to Ben Affleck on his many Golden Globe wins. ARGO is on fire!

A great wrap-up of the Globes parties at the Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/17/fashion/bill-murray-parties-clooney-style-at-golden-globes.html

Next the industry gears up for Sundance, then the Oscars. Gotta love this time of year in Hollywood! 


And the Oscar Nominees Are…

Congrats to the nominees of the 85th annual Academy Awards. Few surprises here, except perhaps a DiCaprio snub. Despite how it might feel when someone else takes home the statue, it is indeed a huge honor to be nominated.

Full list: http://www.oscars.org/awards/academyawards/85/nominees.html


The Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

The most anticipated movies of 2013 — what’s yours?


Flavorwire’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were reliving 2012, ranking our favorite movies and moments and sex and controversies — but it wasn’t yesterday, because yesterday was January 1st, 2013. So out with the old and in with the new, eh? The coming year promises about what you’d expect: lots of sequels and comic book movies and sequels to comic book movies. But we’re not snobs — some of those look awfully exciting, and some of the smaller, more indie-minded titles have got us mighty interested as well. Join us after the jump for a look ahead at the ten 2013 pictures we’re looking forward to the most — and, of course, add your own in the comments.

Side Effects
RELEASE DATE: February 8
DIRECTOR: Steven Soderbergh
CAST: Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones

If he sticks to his word (and we’re crossing our fingers that he doesn’t), this will be Steven Soderbergh’s final theatrical feature for… well, forever. So that means we’re approaching this one with a mixture of excitement and dread, because we don’t want one of the most innovative and unpredictable filmmakers of our time to throw in the towel. But if he’s gonna do it, this looks like a promising exit venture: he’s working from a script by Scott Z. Burns (they previously collaborated onContagion and The Informant!), reteaming with three actors who’ve done terrific work for him before, and throwing Rooney Mara (in her first post-Lisbeth role) into the mix. Plus, as with Haywire, we thank Soderbergh for putting out something interesting in the usually grim pre-Spring Break movie-going season.

Inside Llewyn Davis
RELEASE DATE: February 8
DIRECTOR: The Coen Brothers
CAST: Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky

As a matter of fact, February 8 is looking like a pretty dynamite day at the movies: not only do we get a new Soderbergh, but the first new Coen Brothers movie since the Oscar nominated box-office smash True Grit. If you were worried about them making another commercialized crowd-pleaser, fear not: the Coens latest recreates the early-’60s New York folk-singing scene. (Start camping out for midnight tickets now, folks). They’ve assembled a knockout cast: the wonderful Carey Mulligan,Flavorwire fave Alex Karpovsky, his Girls co-star Adam Driver, and (here’s the most exciting part) Coens mainstay John Goodman, making his first appearance in a Coen Brothers film since O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Only God Forgives
DIRECTOR: Nicolas Winding Refn
CAST: Ryan Gosling, Kristen Scott Thomas, Tom Burke

One of our favorite films of 2011 was Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn’s moody mash-up of European art film and ’80s action movie, so our anticipation for his follow-up was only heightened — okay, multiplied — by the news that it will mark a reunion with his Drive star, Ryan Gosling.Gosling called the script, which concerns an Englishman living in Thailand who runs a boxing club for his criminal family, “the strangest thing I’ve ever read, and it’s only going to get stranger.” That’s a ringing endorsement if we’ve ever heard one.

The Place Beyond the Pines
DIRECTOR: Derek Cianfrance
CAST: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne, Eva Mendes, Ray Liotta

Gosling fans are going to lose their minds in late March; not only will they get to see Only God Forgives, but another new Gosling feature, re-teaming the actor with the director of another previous triumph. Derek Cianfance spent six years trying to get Blue Valentine made, but seems to have a considerably easier time mounting its follow-up — with not only Gosling on board, but Cooper, Bryne, and Mendes (good Lord, couldn’t they have cast some ugly people in this thing?) as well.

Star Trek into Darkness
DIRECTOR: J. J. Abrams
CAST: Chris Pine, Zacahary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Alice Eve

We like to rail against Hollywood’s non-stop stream of sequels and reboots, but every once in a while, a gem like J.J. Abrams’ reimaginedStar Trek will come along to remind us that we’d better be careful about sweeping generalizations. His 2009 film was a flashy, zippy, lens flare-y treat, reinvigorating the crew of the Enterprise with a shot of energy and wit that the flagging series desperately needed. Thankfully, his crackerjack ensemble is back for this go-round, with Benedict Cumberbath and Alice Eve welcome additions (and eye candy).

RELEASE DATE: October 11
CAST: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Lance Reddick, Michael Imperioli

And while we’d love Hollywood to put the brakes on the remake train, we’re plenty curious to see what Spike Lee’s remake of Chan-wook Park’s brilliant, haunting 2003 South Korean revenge movie will look like — especially with Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen taking over the leads. But as with Llewyn Davis, the real intrigue comes further down the cast list: Samuel L. Jackson appears in a small but key role, marking his first collaboration with Lee in over 20 years, since Jackson’s riveting turn inJungle Fever. The pair fell out shortly after that film’s release, so it’s good to see them working together again — though it’ll be interesting to see if the truce holds following Lee’s comments about Jackson’s latest, Django Unchained.

RELEASE DATE: October 18
DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cuarón
CAST: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney

It’s been over six years since Alfonso Cuarón blew our minds withChildren of Men, a stunning mixture of science fiction and human drama that melded astonishing technique with harrowing emotion. Rumors have swirled that his long-awaited follow-up will feature plenty of the former (he may well top those extended unbroken takes with a 30-minute opening shot); the latter will be in the hands of Bullock and Clooney, playing the film’s only two onscreen characters, a pair of astronauts stranded in space.

The World’s End
RELEASE DATE: October 25
DIRECTOR: Edgar Wright
CAST: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Patty Considine, Eddie Marsan

Maybe it was all the Mayan talk in the air, but there’s been a keen interest in the end of the world lately — and its comic consequences, as evidenced by next summer’s This is the End (from writer/directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg) and next fall’s The World’s End, which reunites director Edgar Wright with his Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. And if that’s not enough information to make you wanna see this one, well, I don’t know what else to tell you.

The Monuments Men
RELEASE DATE: December 20
DIRECTOR: George Clooney
CAST: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Daniel Craig, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin, Bob Balaban

George Clooney and his longtime writing partner Grant Henslov are back at it, adapting Robert M. Edsel’s nonfiction book The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History, which tells the story of a team of art historians and museum curators racing to save priceless works of art stolen by Nazis. Clooney directs and stars, heading up an ensemble that rivals any of his Ocean’s casts.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues
RELEASE DATE: December 20
CAST: Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Christina Applegate, David Koechner, Kristen Wiig

Clooney’s not the only one putting an all-star super-cast together; the same day that Monument Men hits theaters, we’ll finally get to feast our eyes on the long-thought-dead sequel of the season. Word is that this one will be set in the ’80s, during the early days of 24-hour cable news, but that’s about all we’ve heard so far — that, and that Kristen Wiig may well join in, playing the wife of Steve Carell’s Brick Tamland, which is an idea that we love even more than lamp.


StarCast Launch in 2013

For those of our beta trial users who have been waiting eagerly for StarCast to officially launch in January, we’re sorry to report that the waiting isn’t quite over. Like most technology-related startups, the development process for our new services is taking longer than expected. 

We will email our registered users when we have a set launch date. And in the meantime, as per usual, you can chat with us here, Twitter and Facebook for advice and industry news. 


The StarCast Team